MIS Users' Training for Department of Women's Affairs

MIS Users’ Training for Department of Women’s Affairs

A core function of the SPFMSP project is to develop a Management Information System (MIS) for Social Protection Budget Management Unit (SPBMU) to help ensure efficient and effective social transfers to the poor, monitor and control fiduciary risks and to increase value for money (VfM) in the delivery of social protection programs.

A software firm (Commlink Consortium) is recruited to develop two MIS – one for SPBMU and another for Maternity Allowances of MoWCA. And an interface will also be developed to link Directorate of Social Service (DSS) MIS with SPBMU MIS. After completion of the MIS development & testing, Commlink consortium will provide following three types of training:

  • MIS Operation training
  • MIS Technical training
  • ToT Training

MIS Operation Training

User training will aim to promote the overall understanding of the operation of both the SPBMU and MoWCA MIS and how to operate the MIS and produce reports.  Core users of the MIS will be identified across the LMs.

MIS Technical Training

This training will aim the technical team who will maintain the MIS software and provide prompt support to the users. These technical users are from the IT department of SPFMSP projects and MoWCA.

Training for ToT

After completion of the above two trainings, some of the participants will be identified for the ToT training who will later train the users and support team, when required.

Goals of MIS Training

The following goals have been set for the training as a whole:

  • to provide an overall understanding of the scope and purpose of the MoWCA & SPBMU MIS
  • to provide hands-on experience in the use of the various components of the MIS
  • to understand how the MoWCA MIS affects the functions performed by the SPBMU MIS.
  • Technical person of SPBMU & LM will learn how to maintain & trouble shoot both the SPBMU & MOWCA MIS
  • SPBMU Technical Team will learn MIS Users’ supports mechanism and able to Support users when required.

Training Area

  • Overall concepts of MIS
  • Introduction to website, web application & security concept
  • Hands on training on how to use the MIS application & extract MIS reports
  • Hands on technical training on managing MIS

Outcome of MIS Training

The expected outcome of the MIS training i.e. after training a participants would able to –

  • Enter beneficiaries data
  • Send data to SPBMU MIS for verification
  • Prepare payroll
  • Track grievances status
  • Distribute budget to the field offices and enter expenditure of the field offices against budget
  • Handle various training information & inspection reports
  • Generate various reports on beneficiaries, grievances, training, budget & expenditure etc.
  • Perform MIS administration, updation and trouble shooting.

Training Schedule

A two-day long training started in different venues on July 10, 2017, where about 530 participants got the training.