Management Information System (MIS)

One of the main work streams under SPFMSP is the design and development of a centralised Management Information System (MIS) for the Social Protection Budget Management Unit (SPBMU) under the Finance Division. The development of an MIS is done with a view of increasing the capacity of the Finance Division to manage and monitor expenditure, increase value for money, improve targeting, prevent leakages, avoid duplication, and bring efficiency into the delivery systems used for social protection schemes in Bangladesh. Developing an MIS also involves devising a way of automatically transferring the data from all associated line ministries’ schemes to this central MIS database. The project will pilot this initiative for one scheme, Maternity Allowance (MA) under the Ministry for Women and Children’s Affairs (MoWCA) and interface with the already existing MIS for Old Age Allowance scheme under the Ministry of Social Welfare.

This MIS will be developed by the project in partnership with CommLink Info Tech Ltd., a leading research-oriented company in Bangladesh.


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