Project Implementation Committee (PIC) Meeting held

Project Implementation Committee (PIC) Meeting held

A Project Implementation Committee (PIC) Meeting of Strengthening Public Financial Management for Social Protection (SPFMSP) Project was held on April 20, 2017, at the Secretariat.

Md. Muslim Chowdhury, National Project Director (NPD) of the project presided over the meeting. Government officials from the different ministry were present at the meeting.

Agenda of the meeting included:

  • Review of progress
  • Report of Diagnostic Studies on Old Age Allowance (OAA) and Husband Deserted Destitute Women and Widow (HDDWW) Allowance
  • Report of Research on Payment System
  • MIS piloting Maternity Allowance Programme
  • Reform Plan of Payment System (G2P)
  • Revised Training Strategy for 6th National Course
  • Miscellaneous

At the end of the meeting, DfID verbally announced an extension of SPFMSP Project until June 2018.