Research Studies

SPFMSP, under its Research Framework, has a mandate for conducting a number of research studies on thematic, issue-based and exploratory topics. The topics taken up for research are demand-driven by the project’s Government of Bangladesh counterparts. Currently, a research study on Payment Delivery Systems is underway, with expected completion in December 2016. Below is an overview of possible research areas that may be taken up by the project in the future:

Research Pillar Indicative Research Area
Thematic Research Aligning Life Cycle Programmes with Value for Money principles
Protection of Adolescent and Girl Child
Financial Inclusion and Financial Literacy
Rural and Urban Poverty
Issues Based Research Product Design and Targeting
Payment Delivery Systems
Monitoring and Evaluation
Exploratory Research Inclusive Pensions for the Poor
Micro Insurance to cover Risk of Death
Health Insurance and Health Financing
Maternal Health Insurance
Pre-funding of Pension Liabilities
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