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Yasmin Karachiwala is telling 5 ab exercises by which you can reduce your belly fat

    Yasmin Karachiwala

    Want to get rid of your belly fat? Try these abs exercises recommended by celeb trainer Yasmin Karachiwala!

    Working on your abdominal muscles can not only help you get a flat belly, but it also improves your balance and relieves back pain. So, stop skipping your ab exercises.

    Add these 5 simple ab exercises to your fitness routine, as suggested by fitness coach Yasmin Karachiwala. He has trained many A-listers of Bollywood – including Deepika Padukone, Nora Fatehi, Alia Bhatt, Bipasha Basu and Katrina Kaif!

    Yasmin recently posted a new workout routine on her Instagram account. The beauty of this simple ab circuit is that it can be done anywhere, anytime.

    Sit Up to Twist

    Begin the exercise by lying on the mat. Now lift and twist your left elbow and right knee together. During the next step, twist the other elbow and knee to the other side. Engage your abdominal muscles during each sit up. On the other hand do this exercise at least 15 times!

    Let us tell you that a 2016 study suggests that women who were able to do sit ups were less likely to have muscle damage related to aging.

    Supine kick ups

    Did you know that supine means ‘to lie face up’? For this ab exercise, you need to lie down in this position. These kick ups are not only one of the most effective ab exercises, but they will also engage your lower back muscles and hamstrings.

    Remember that when you kick up, keep your palms on the ground and keep your butt off the ground. After the kick up, just bend your knees, keeping your calves on the ground. Do this 20 times!

    In this video of Yasmin Karachiwala, see how to do abs exercises!

    Side Plank Twist

    When you hear the term ‘ab exercise’, probably the first exercise that comes to mind is the plank. Planks can tighten your core muscles. In this plank variation, Karachiwala is seen doing a side plank. To do this exercise – Place one of your feet on the ground and place the other foot on it. In this way, you will distribute your body weight between your forearm and foot. Now twist your torso and turn your arm inward.

    Doing the side plank twist at least 15 times on each side will help you tone your abs.

    Leg Over Bottle

    For this ab exercise, your palms should be flat on the ground and feet should be joined together. The purpose of the exercise is to engage the muscles in your legs and your core. For this, keep a bottle in front of you. And then alternately raise your legs together and bring them on top of it. Do this at least 15 times from each side.

    All 4 Hover Twist

    Keep your palms and toes on the ground. Keep your knees bent, but don’t let them touch the ground. Now twist, once with the right leg – once with the left leg. Do this slowly to keep your balance. Do at least 10 reps on each side.

    How to do this ab workout?

    According to Karachiwala, do 4 rounds of these 5 exercises, take 60 second rest sessions after each round, but there is no rest between exercises! Do these ab exercises at home regularly and see how quickly they will reduce your belly fat! Just don’t forget to eat right!

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