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How to start Tour & Travel Agency business?

    Tour & Travel Agency

    At present, how is the state of tourism in India, can you earn good money by starting a tour and travel agency ? It will take, how many people will be needed, etc. things will be known.

    In terms of population in the world, it is second only to China. India is a country of unity in different cultures, where –

    Traditionally, such as “Atithi Devon Bhava” and “Incredible India” are not only supported by the government but also by the people here.

    There are limitless possibilities of tourism here, only then every year and throughout the year tourists come to visit India, where they put their heads on Indian culture and civilization.

    If the figures of the last few years are seen, then in 2017, about 14 million foreign tourists came to visit the soil of India, while 2018 saw an increase of about 10%.

    If tourism has an annual contribution of about 6% in the Indian GDP (GDP), then on the other hand, employment growth of about 8.5% has also been seen due to the increase in tourism.

    As Indian tourism is increasing day and night, so is the increase in tour, travel and trip planner. There are many countries in Asia, in which India has great potential for travel and tourism in the country.

    Friends, in today’s environment, if the best opportunities are seen, then they are in the field of tourism, just the need for passion.

    They say not that “Who says there can’t be a clue in the sky, just throw a stone with your health guys”

    Yes, friends, today’s article is about taking the information about doing tour, travel, travel and trip (Trip) with public awareness in the form of hospitality or hospitality and to reach it to the public in a better professional way. Huh.

    So let’s have a detailed discussion on this today, that too in Hindi. Today we will study each column of the travel agency very closely, then under it-

    What is a travel agency?

    Travel agency is mainly made up of two words, where travel means – travel, travel or tour or travel , while agency means – institution, medium, agency.

    Now if both the words are mixed together, it becomes “Travel Agency” or “Travel Agency” which means “to travel, travel or travel by any institution or agency”.

    How to start a travel agency?

    First of all, you should decide that where is the travel business where you are going to start, how is the tourism situation? If someone is already engaged in this business like an experienced person, then it can be started after consulting with him.

    Then you can start this business. You can start a business by taking a franchise of a famous tourist tour operator or company.

    The travel agency you are starting for tours and trips or travel can also be started by getting a license to operate an agency for it.

    That is, you can start your business by registering it and definitely set your goal so that the profit and loss of the business can be assessed.

    First of all, to start a business, you have to consider the following points.

    • A separate bank account will be required for the travel agency.
    • You can consider taking a franchise of a well-known company that provides tour and travel facilities.
    • If there is a need for a government registration policy, then you can start by registering your travel agency.
    • You will have to arrange some necessary furniture for the office like table, chair, locker, cupboard, stool etc.
    • Electronic equipment will also require a computer, laptop, printer, scanner, phone and a good speed internet connection.
    • You can take online payment from the customer because at present, due to the arrangement of cashless now, proper arrangements have to be made for it.
    • There will always be a need for an office assistant i.e. staff in the office and for that the staff should be at least a graduate and should have knowledge of English language along with Hindi.

    Tour & travel agency work

    A travel agency is a platform or arrangement or organization or business where tourists or tourists have access to services or facilities provided on their request and some charge for the same has to be paid by the user to the travel agency.

    Facility provided by travel agency

    • To give a motor vehicle of his choice from the place specified by the user (user) to go and come to visit or visit a particular place.
    • Booking bus, train, flight tickets as well as cruises.
    • Booking a hotel or traveler’s residence for the user.
    • To manage tour plans or give proper advice or advice to travel while guiding the travelers.
    • To prepare a special tour or trip package in which the tourists can get all the facilities from the smallest to the biggest.
    • To assist in making passport and visa for the traveller.

    Advantages of travel agency?

    Having a travel agency makes your tour or trip very easy because the travel agency works in a professional manner, so that the best service or facility can be given to the user.

    Sometimes when we all go to a particular place, travel agency will act as your best option or friend when we don’t have complete real information about hotel, site scene, transportation etc.

    Whenever you go to a new place, money gets spent due to lack of even the smallest details. We believe that whatever facilities the travel agencies provide to their users, they also charge some charges in return, but-

    You do not have to worry about anything in an unknown city as it helps in making necessary documents from hotel to passport and visa, stopping with bus to train or flight booking.

    It benefits both the travel agency as well as the user ie the service taker. Where on one hand the service user enjoys his trip or tour without tension, on the other hand a travel agency gets employment.

    Advantages of travel agency in a nutshell

    • Earning on providing transport facility for travel.
    • Earning by helping to get passport and visa.
    • Earning by providing good hotel or accommodation arrangements.
    • Earn by playing the role of trip planner.
    • Earnings earned by consulting in tour and travel.

    How much can I earn from a travel agency?

    A travel agency is a type of arrangement or organization established as a single and joint venture. It earns from various types of facilities as it acts as a service provider.

    Since this is a self stand business, it may be that due to being a new travel agency, the earnings may not be as much at first but after a few months profit will start.

    The tourism sector is growing day by day, so that the possibility of quickly establishing a travel agency in this area increases.

    One thing must be accepted that earning per month cannot be assessed. You will continue to grow in every season of tourism.

    Even then, if you estimate, then the earning of a month will be at least 50000 to one lakh rupees, but how much can go maximum? There is no limit to it, it will depend only on your ability.

    How many people are needed to start a travel agency?

    It is a small enterprise, which can be started only singly i.e. one people or else two or three can be started jointly also.

    Travel agency can also be started from only one room, because in this business the work of mains power i.e. human energy is done only by computer or laptop.

    Therefore, if the business of travel agency is to be started, then it can be started with maximum two or three members, otherwise people can start it alone.

    How much will it cost to start a tour and travel agency?

    Now let’s talk about the expenditure that how much capital will be required to start this business. See, it is a good thing for encouragement that with less money and hard work with dedication, you can start any business.

    But with dedication and hard work you have to do to take your business forward, but with an investment of at least Rs 5 lakh and up to a maximum of Rs 12 lakh, the business of tour and travel agency can be started because money is the most. It is necessary to start any business, but

    The business of this travel agency does not require much money, so if you have 5 lakh to 10 or 12 lakh rupees then it is enough. If you start business with 12 lakh rupees, then this extra money will be useful in your business back-up.

    If there is any shortage of money, then many schemes are run by the government, for which loan facilities are also available. If you want, you can start your business by taking loan also.

    Where to register for Tour and Travel Agency?

    You can register your agency with “Ministry of Tourism” for your tourism business or business like tour and travel agency.

    For this you have to fill the online application and generate login and password before filling the form.

    Overall, the business of travel agency is a profitable business in today’s present times as India has seen a lot of enthusiasm among tourists for domestic and foreign tours in the last few decades.

    Anyone who is earning any level of income, he plans the smallest trip according to his budget or always goes to new places to visit and visit after planning a trip.

    That is why most of the people resort to travel agency to make the trip successful in the form of tour package or tour plan.

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